Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of an era, beginning of another.

That's it. My life's in cases, or in the careful hands of friends. I just finished handing back my lovely, if tiny, NY pad.

By quick mental count I've had about 15 sets of visitors in the 24 months of residence. Hell's Kitchen's been kind to me.

I'll miss it all, I'm fairly sure the number of delivery places on the trail is lower than the 200+ that I've become used to, but hey fewer 6am horn blasts or late night singers. (Though the singers were usually lead by me so that's probably one for the neighbors.)

Tonight's my last in NY for a while, I'm excited, scared, and a million other things, but mostly I'm behind schedule, so I'll post this and move on.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The thinking behind the shopping.

I've done a lot of shopping and have just about everything now.

I expect the final base weight to be about 7.5kg.
Base Weight is weight before food and other consumables.

That's good, but not perfect. I'm a big guy, so my backpack and
sleeping bag are a bit bigger than they might be, that costs some

I'm also carrying a kindle, a phone, and a charger that does both. In
some circles that seems to be considered inordinate luxury, I don't
think I'd even consider the trek without a kindle.

If I take all the removable weight from my pack (frame and removable
bits.), switch to a lighter (non-locking) knife, ditch the kindle and
phone I'd get over a kilo back. I'll see how important my kindle is
after a week of dragging it around.

One of the nice things about the trail is that after 35 miles in you get to the first
re-supply location/hostel, my general plan is to bring the smallest
amont of gear I can, and make up for any deficiencies there.

AT Kit List

Rejected Titles for this blog.

Most of these make sense only to me, but hey overshare is part of the blogging experience right?

  • A.T. rest, but in motion.
  • The wrong adapter for the mountain.
  • Fewer cougars, more bears.
  • The Littlest NoBo.
  • Appalchianisim

California Skyscraper